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Mother and Baby

Listening to our babies

Changing the world one birth at a time


Understanding the time prior to conception and the time your baby spends in your womb, has become my life passion.  I feel it is so important to begin to listen to our babies and what they need to assist them in their unique birth experience.  How your baby is grown in your womb, can affect the rest of their lives.  


Due to advancements in technology we now have a window into the life of our babies in utero and how they react to certain situations.  We are beginning to understand how they are affected by long term stress/anxiety and trauma and so it’s even more important now than ever before, for us to nourish, support and nurture you as a pregnant women.  We now know on a deep level, how our babies' brains and nervous systems are affected by what happens whilst they grow inside your womb. 


Sometimes growing a baby isn’t easy and not every pregnancy is plain sailing.  This is where to be born can be there to guide and support you through these challenging times.  I am dedicated to supporting you on your miraculous journey, to assist you to grow your baby in a gentle, calm way and assist your baby on their journey to come into the world. 


Conscious conception and creating a new life, gives you an amazing opportunity, for you to look at your physical and emotional health and begin make those fine subtle adjustments you want to make, to take into pregnancy and parenting. 



Jane Jennings, Doula, HypnoBirthing, Bowen, Massage, Yoga
About Jane


For the last ten years, I have been assisting families to prepare for all of the major transitions in their lives.  I offer the space to support you all through the journey that you are facing right now.  My passion is to assist every baby to be heard and if we change just one baby's experience, to have a gentle, calm pregnancy and birth; then we can begin to change our world.  I can help you discover your inner strengths and hold your hand, whilst you find your confidence for you and baby to journey together, peacefully. 

I look forward to being a part of your journey
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