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Awakened Birth Keeper Workshops

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As the earth evolves, we as birth keeper's have a responsibility to bring conscious awareness to how we support and nurture all aspects of a families conception, pregnancy, birth and early parenting.


These experiential workshops will guide you through all the transitions from the perspectives of a soul's connection to birthing from the family field.

Who is an Awakened Birth Keeper?

This course has been developed for those who are working with clients with conscious pre conception, fertility, early pregnancy support, miscarriage and baby loss, pregnancy, birth preparation, birthing, post natal support, babies and children.


You will be integrating your own hearts wisdom from these journey's you have already made yourself and with your clients. We will also be inviting you to deepen into the knowledge from perspectives of pre and perinatal study, baby consciousness, womb wisdom, energy awareness and alignment, embryonic harmony, your body and breath.

Each module will begin by exploring the conceptual foundations of:

Am I safe

Am I protected

Am I wanted

Am I welcome

Do I belong

Am I seen

Am I heard

Am I felt

These are the fundamental imprints that hold resonance throughout our whole lives and can be unconscious themes that constantly get recapitulated and reactivated, especially at times of stress.

Imagine how these get triggered for your clients when trying to conceive, birthing their baby or during their experiences of early parenthood

As unified heart centred birth keepers, our serving is to nurture and nourish a whole family through these transitional experiences of life. It is so important that we not only maintain our vibrational resonance, but also become energetically aware of the family field during these pivotal experiences of a souls development, for each soul arriving assists the rise of humanity consciousness

Module 1 The Soul Journey

Our evolving earth consciousness

The new enhanced souls arriving

Soul incarnation

Pre conception and family field

The journey from source

How assisted conceptions such as ivf, i.u.i, i.c.s.i, donor egg/sperm affect our emotional wellbeing

The energy field and conception

Soul communion

Exploring your own journey of being conceived

Module 2 The Embryo Harmony

Tasting the womb and nesting

Unity or disconnection

Building of a human in the physical, emotional, spiritual

The energy body of the embryo the first 8 weeks of life.

Miscarriage, termination and baby loss from the perspective of the soul and whole family field

Womb landscape and imprints

You as the embryo

Module 3 - Growing into the Self

A sentient soul coming into being - The impulse to exist

Developing your own energy skills for supporting families in pregnancy

The three phases of becoming from a soul perspective: physical through the fluid body, emotionally connecting through the feeling senses and expanding into the evolving energy field

Wombscape - the essence and tone of a momma.

Enriching connections through the emotional and mental wellbeing of momma and the interconnected family field.

How trauma affects a growing soul within the womb

Supporting a families emotional wellbeing in pregnancy

Your own womb life

Module 4 - The Journey of a Soul Preparing to Birth

Family dynamics of birth.

The patterns of the past rising and how to work with them

Vibrational alignment of the family field

Physical, emotional and energetic landscape in birth from the perspective of a Soul/ Baby Mother Father

Your own experiences of birth as a soul arriving

Divine home loss

Module 5 - Arriving

Honouring the journey from the first breath

Embodiment of the soul essence

First twenty four hours and patterns emerging

Feeding, initiating and sustaining

Tongue tie and the family field

The emotional breast/ bottle

Birth recovery and birth process

Your journey of arriving

Workshop Details

Location – various European and Worldwide locations please enquire for your nearest workshop event. If you would like to organise a workshop in your country, please connect with Jane.

Each Module is a minimum of 3 days and can be studied as a continual study or as individual modules. Modules start at 11- 6pm


Cost of the course is £275 per module ( easy pay options available)

Due to the nature of these workshops, they will be limited to small groups only.

Also to support and nurture your transformation and development, there is an option to add on a one to one supervision/ healing session. This is a time of reflection, an opportunity for you to deepen into your self and what is rising from practicing the new awareness.


If you would like to apply to receive a place on any of the workshop modules please contact Jane via email on or telephone 07811 480261. If you have any questions about the course or require any further information please ask.


One of our UK venues is North Warwickshire, B46 2QA. There are good motorway links to the whole country from here. It is also near Birmingham International Airport for those wishing to fly in.

The journey of supporting and empowering souls, couples and babies starts with the exploration of yourself. You already hold the feeling of this within you, after all you were conceived, grown within your momma's womb and birthed. Now is the time to awakened to the deeper knowledge of why you have chosen to become a Birth Keeper.

I look forward to journeying with you. Every conscious journey to awakening we take as a birth keeper, affects every baby, momma, father, siblings, family, community and the whole of humanity.

Listening to our babies and changing the world, one Birth Keeper and birth at a time.

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