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Awakening Soul Conception Doula

Rich cultural traditions have always supported and prepared couples to connect to each other and their future baby through prayer, dedications, rites, ceremonies and healing. We have forgotten about the sacred nature of inviting a soul to join our lives and what message this is giving to them.


We also now understand through epigenetic science, that we can make a huge difference to our inherited genes by the way we think, feel, what we eat, quality of our rest and sleep, environmental factors and most of all LOVE.


This is what the new souls arriving need to feel, to be welcomed, seen and truly heard.


Today one in five couples in the UK are experiencing fertility issues. We now have advanced technology that enables more couples, who would have previously not been able to conceive, to welcome a baby into their lives. And yet so many couples are now feeling even more disconnected from the process of conception and are entering this phase in total depletion. The vital energy that we have in our body, mind and soul at the time of conception is the essence, of what we are passing on to the growing cells of a baby’s body. 

We have become so disconnected from ourselves and the ancient ways of preparing for a soul to arrive, that we are raising generations of children who are entering the world, also potentially disconnected from their own soul alignment. To enter the womb world feeling over needed, to fill a gap, experiencing the desperation of your parents or bathing in their grief, is putting extra pressure on our children, to become healers of the family, even in the womb.


How would it feel as a practitioner to journey with a couple, to extend the nurture, nourishment and guidance to them and their potential waiting baby?

What is your role as a Soul Conception Doula?

Cell by cell, thought by thought, a human being is created and formed.  Just imagine how conscious preparation by couples could support the future of every baby’s physical and emotional well being. To know and feel, they are truly welcomed into their families and here on earth.


Would you like to contribute to the rising of consciousness of humanity right from the very beginning? This is where we start.

You may already be doing a huge amount of supporting and nurturing a couple’s physical and emotional well being, with fertility massage, nutrition advice, acupuncture or fertility yoga.  It may mostly be women who come to your practice. This course will show you how encourage more couples to come together, in their soul conception journey. 

Assisting them to find a work/ life balance, support them to look at their relationship, help them discover the unseen obstacles in their lives and to build a dedicated practice to welcome their baby to them. When a couple feel safe and nurtured by each other, so does their baby waiting to be conceived. Your role is to bring back the sacred, to the most amazing experience of life.


 However you decide to take this into your work, this course will enrich your practice.


You may choose to offer:

- Couples soul conception sessions 
- Day retreats
- Soul doula support

Course Details
Module One


The sentient soul

Evolving our earth consciousness

Traditional and cultural perspectives

Soul incarnation and preparation

The journey from source

Raising your vibrations


Module Two


Integration of the unified family field

Welcoming a soul after miscarriage, termination and baby loss

Wombscape – the essence of the feminine

Enriching the male energy  

Vision and intention


Module Three


Soul conception – the spark of life

Creating a human being physical, emotional and spiritual 

Reproductive technology and assisted conceptions

Tasting the womb


Embryonic harmony – supporting and nourishing the whole family

Module Four


Embodying your awakening soul conception journey

Maintaining your own vibrational resonance

Building your unique offering     

Your own soul journey and new alignment

Our future


All modules will also be supported by mentors – to be announced 

Course Information

To apply for a place on the course you must already hold a fertility, doula, or birth preparation qualification. This course will enrich the foundation of the skills you already hold.


We are holding an Awakening Soul Conception Doula Introduction day on Sunday 29th January 2017 and will be exploring our foundations for the whole course.


Am I safe, am I protected, am I wanted, am I welcome, do I belong, am I seen, am i heard and am I felt.


Early imprints hold resonance throughout our whole lives and can be unconscious themes that constantly get activated and replayed, especially at times of stress. Imagine how these get triggered for your clients when trying to conceive, birthing their baby or early parenthood.


Our day together will be experiential and a taste of what is the come on the full course starting in March 2017


Start time 11 - 6pm

Your investment £85 (if you sign up for the full course, £35 of this will go towards your balance. This is my gift to your heart, for the journey we will take together)


Venue North Warwickshire B46


The journey of supporting and empowering souls, couples and babies starts with the exploration of yourself. You already hold the feeling of this within you; after all you were conceived, grown within your momma's womb and birthed. Now is the time to awaken to the deeper knowledge of why you have chosen to become a Soul Conception Doula.

If you would like to join me for this day, please book early as places are limited due to the nature of the course.

Dates for Course

Module 1 3rd - 5th March

Module 2   9th - 11th June

Module 3   22nd - 24th September

Module 4   17th - 19th November

Modules start at 10.30- 6pm and all must be attended.

Cost of the course is £275 per module
Included in your course fee are 2 group study contacts via skype or zoom.


Also to support and nurture your transformation and development, there will also be a one to one supervision session. This is a time of reflection, an opportunity for you to deepen into yourself and what is rising from practising the new awareness.

If you would like to apply to receive a place on the course:

Contact Jane:

Telephone: 01675 464246
Mobile: 07811 480261


1 mill farm cottage
Maxstoke lane
North Warwickshire
B46 2QA

There are good motorway links to the whole country from here. It is also near Birmingham International Airport for those wishing to flying in.


Due to the nature of the course, places will be limited so please book early.

If you have any questions about the course or require any further information please ask.

For those who are journeying with me on the one year Awakening Birth Keepers course, this training will be gifted as part of your study. 

Every conscious journey to awakening we take as a soul conception doula’s and birth keepers, raises the vibration of support for every baby, momma, father, siblings, family, community and the whole of humanity.


We rise together

Listening to our babies and changing the world, one birth keeper and birth at a time


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