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Baby Yoga and Massage


Baby Yoga has its roots in Hatha Yoga and gentle stretch.  The postures and stretching help release blockages of tension within the muscles and energy in baby’s growing body.


Classes are fun as we sing, dance, move and use rhythm and sound to allow baby’s and parent’s to discover different models of positive play.  Most of all we try to create a relaxed environment where everyone can just be themselves and enjoy some time out from the busy world.


Baby Yoga and Massage


There are so many benefits for you and your baby to discover whilst attending a baby yoga class, here are just a few:


  • Encourages bonding between baby and parent. As you listen and observe cues from your baby, you will be begin to understand their language and their needs. Instinctive parenting promotes good communication for you both.


  • We also engage in some gentle yoga based stretching for the parent; even if you have never done yoga you will be able to do this.  These stretches can help relieve muscle tension, stress, discomfort from breast feeding, postnatal depression, and awareness of body after birth.  Just as it encourages socialisation for babies, it also is an opportunity for parents to support each other, especially if you are a new parent.  Our classes are always a safe and supportive environment. 


  • Breathing/ Relaxation – As parent begins to relax and their heart rate slows, baby will sense this and pattern their parents behaviour. During our class we participate in a group relaxation, this can be walking. Moving or simply lying down. It’s a time to regather yourselves and a chance to connect and dedicate time for you both.


  • When we swing, move and dance with baby, it is fun and enjoyable for them, but it also helps to develop balance, and awareness of gravity. These movements help integrate information and assist the development of good eye control.


  • Promotes good digestion and can assist with symptoms of colic, wind and fractious baby.



Classes start from 12 weeks up to 12 months old.  We offer classes for 0-6 months and 6 months to 1 year.  


If you would like to know more about when our next class starts please get in touch, I would love to share this wonderful time with you and your baby.


Costs are £55 for a 6 week course. 



Baby Yoga and Massage is a wonderful way for parents to engage in positive nurturing touch with their baby.  When baby is in the mother’s womb, they have constant connection and loving touch from their mother’s movements.  In order to thrive and develop into well balanced children, they need to experience a sense of security and continued emotional connection. 


Yoga and massage can offer you and your baby a special gift, which can be shared throughout their childhood.  It can help your baby recover from their birth journey/trauma. Babies experience twisting, turning and compression of their bodies in their birth experience, no matter how they are born.  Yoga and stretching can help calm their central nervous system and encourage fascia and the soft tissue in baby’s body, to release birth stress.  Stretching also allows baby to develop awareness of their body, especially hands and feet, and once babies become more aware of their bodies movements, they are more likely to reach/ grab and develop better co-ordination.  In class we promote a sense of loving touch and relaxation between baby and parent, which can help create security, respect and trust for each other. 


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