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Bowen Technique & Birth Restoration for the Whole Family

Most cultures around the world will have a lying in period after birth, where they nourish and support both mama and baby during that precious post birth time.  This amazing “baby moon time” allows them both to bond, get to know each other, learn how to feed and recover from their birthing experience.  How are you creating your baby moon?  At this time you have both  been on an amazing journey together and the transition from womanhood to motherhood, womb to world, is one of the biggest that you both will make and at times it may feel a little overwhelming. 


Allowing your body, mind and spirit to heal in those days and weeks that follow, will restore your energy to begin your parenting journey and allow yourselves to settle into each other.  Taking time to rest and rejuvenate, sleep and repair is so precious and forms a pattern for the next coming weeks as your new baby grows. 


Bowen Technique and Birth Recovery

How do you feel after birth?


Achy, sore, tender, tired, weak, uncomfortable, windy, constipated, and emotional and I’m sure many more symptoms.


Bowen can assist by relaxing your body and soothing your mind.  If your birth has been difficult for you in any way, either emotionally, mentally or physically it’s always good to offer yourself a birth download and resolution.  Receiving a treatment session can offer you this opportunity to review and release your experience and allow the bonding between you and your baby to grow and nourish you both. 


As your baby begins their feeding journey, you may experience added strain on the spine, shoulder and upper body whilst you nurse, hold and carrying your baby.  If you are breastfeeding and feel engorgement or experience mastitis, Bowen also assists by encouraging the lymphatic system and milk ducts to flow more effectively, reducing inflammation, swelling and relieving shoulder tension. 


If you would like receive a session of Bowen after your birth, please also consider treatment for your baby too, as they have also been on the journey with you.  Please view the treatment for baby’s page to see how Bowen techniques can help your baby too. 


Happy, relaxed ( parents) = Happy, calm babies


How Bowen can assist after birth:


  • Reduces back pain


  • Rebalancing the pelvis


  • Assist with hormonal change


  • Realign uterus


  • Reduce inflammation in engorged breast


  • Relieve shoulder tension and headaches


  • Release birth trauma


  • Aid caesarean section recovery


  • Baby Blues


  • Post natal depression


  • Bonding


A session is one and half hours and costs £75 
Treatment for both mama and baby is £85

Post Birth Restorative Family Support 
Momma, baby, father or partner £150
One sibling £175
Further siblings £30


Bowen is the most effective and gentle way to help you and your baby recover from your birth.




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