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Bowen Technique and Energy Field Healing


Birth is the first biggest journey we ever take.


Every baby will have their own unique birth story.  For one moment please think about the birth journey from your baby’s perspective – how do you think it may have felt?


As they begin to leave the womb, some babies feel excited at the prospect of what comes next; some will feel scared and apprehensive.  They are then asked to leave the safety and security of what they have known for the last nine months and venture into the unknown.  There is the compression on their bodies from the uterine surges, the change in oxygen supply and the feeling of not knowing.  Combine this with the effects of drugs and interventions and that’s when our babies need help with birth recovery.  When we begin to view birth from a baby’s perspective, we begin to understand how each baby fully participates in their own life changing experience.  You may expect your baby’s to come into the world bright and sparkling?  Sometimes it’s just too challenging and the birth compression can change vital nerve/vein/blood supply, affect their precious first full breath, and imprint the cranial bones, ribs and your baby’s spine.   



Father and Baby
The type of birth you and your baby have had, will influence how you both feel right now.

Does your baby have any of these symptoms?


  • Reflux


  • Colic


  • Unable to latch or feed well


  • Intermittent crying/sleep issues


  • Bruising from ventouse or forceps


  • Digestive issues


It will be most likely that the symptoms your baby is suffering will be womb or birth related.  Treatment can really assist baby to process this more quickly.  If your baby has received any intervention  such as ventouse, forceps, premature, long or quick delivery, caesarean section, premature birth, cord wrapped around them - in fact every intervention changes the pathway of a baby’s journey - then they are more likely to need assistance.  Both ventouse and forceps deliveries can dislodge or change the structure of the TMJ (temporal mandibular joint), which can affect the way your baby feeds and can also create headaches.  Babies who have had long term stress or anxiety in the womb will also benefit from treatment. Once we begin to release the fascia (connective tissues) within your baby’s body it allows all the tension and torsion to begin to release.  As a result, the central nervous system can work more effectively; blood becomes more oxygenated, the diaphragm is released and the cerebrospinal fluid circulates more effectively.  Most babies don’t need many treatments to begin to feel the benefit and feel more comfortable within their bodies. 


The treatments I use to assist our babies are Energy Field Healing and the Bowen Technique.  I have been practising both of these treatments for a long while now and have successfully helped many babies with most birth scenarios. 


Costs are £60 per session

Post Birth Restorative Family Support:
Momma and baby £120
Could also be father or partner 
Whole family - mom, dad and baby £150 
Plus One sibling £175
Further siblings £30 


I believe that babies and their bodies are processing the birth experience anything up to twelve months after birth and it can imprint their whole life.  Sometimes birth takes a turn that you hadn’t expected; the way you listen to your babies and allow them to guide you to their needs after birth, can really create a more comfortable transition into the world for them and you as parents. 






Therapies for Baby

Mother and Baby
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