Bowen Technique Testimonials


"Jane gave me a pre-natal Bowen treatment to prepare my body for birth and two days later my labour began!"




"We learnt about her love and experience Bowen therapy, that I found to be nothing short of miraculous.  After an initial treatment, the following morning all-general aches and pains were gone.  I felt more relaxed and confident in my ability to achieve my goal.  I had further Bowen treatment the day I officially stopped work and again 4 days before I went into labour." 




"I first discovered Jane as a Bowen practitioner through a facebook group that was unrelated to Bowen and pregnancy/birthing.  At the time, I was around halfway through my second pregnancy and suffering (again) with SPD.  Osteopathy wasn't helping this time around and I was scared I'd be unable to be a mobile Mummy for my toddler in the later stages of pregnancy (not to mention the impact a lack of mobility would have on my plans for an active HWBAC). 


Jane met me at the gate to her home for my first Bowen session and I instantly felt calm and relaxed.  There's just *something* about her (and her home); a tranquillity.  We had a chat at the start of the session and a strong rapport built.  I trusted her; not only with me but with my unborn baby.  The Bowen had an instant impact on my pain level and mobility.


I've seen Jane since birthing my baby for Bowen to assist with back pain and general wellbeing.  It's nothing short of miraculous and is so very gentle."




"In my first session with Jane she worked on me with Bowen technique and rebozo to turn the baby.  She showed me inversion exercises that I could do for assisting a head down position and maintaining that position.  Jane also gave me lots of information to help inspire and encourage me.  At my late 36 week scan the babies head down position was confirmed."