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Conscious Soul Conception - Preparing To Conceive and Welcome Your Baby?

Supporting you as a couple with conscious soul conception, as well as I.V.F, I.U.I, I.C.S.I, after baby loss and adoption


Cell by cell a human being is created and formed.  Just imagine how conscious preparation could support your future baby’s physical and emotional well being and contribute to the rising of consciousness for humanity.


As a couple wanting to conceive your future baby, feelings of stress, anxiety and loss can be present almost every day.  Sometimes you may not even acknowledge these feelings to yourself or each other.

Couples soul conception sessions and day retreats, can bring you back to nourishing and nurturing each other through your journey. Just imagine how your future baby may feel you dedicating time to each other and to preparing the way for them to feel welcomed into your life.


When a couple feel safe and nurtured by each other, so does their baby waiting to be conceived and received.


You may already be doing alot of work on this by tending to your physical bodies with diet, acupuncture, exercise and supplements. So take a moment to congratulate yourselves on this part of the journey and realise how much you are already doing.


Deciding to be supported means we can discover the unseen obstacles in your life, the pieces of the jigsaw that may be standing in your way, to welcoming your baby to you.

Work/life balance, previous birth experiences, trauma and unforeseen changes are all aspects that we can process together. 

Couples Conscious Soul Conception Sessions


Regular sessions give you both the space to discover those missing pieces of the jigsaw, clear any emotions you may be holding and make space for your future baby in your life.

Sessions are for two hours and invite you to stay connected to your vision and strengthen your intention to deepen into the changes that may be happening within and around you both. During sessions you may also receive body work such as Bowen Technique or Fertility Massage to assist your body and support your process.  It may also be appropriate at times to come individually for sessions, if there are specific life experiences you are working through. Conscious soul conception is also discovering what your baby may need to be part of your life.       


Couples Soul Conception Sessions £150

Individual sessions £90

 I would normally recommend that we begin by sharing three weekly or two weekly sessions to really support you at the deepest level. 


Conscious Soul Conception Retreat Days


These unique one to one retreat days, offer you the space to truly connect to yourselves, your journey as a couple and what your future baby may need.

You will learn self care techniques for you to nourish each other at home such as fertility massage, emotional freedom technique, restorative relaxation and gentle fertility yoga.



"I just wanted to say a big thank you for our beautiful soul conception day with you. It was everything we hoped for and more! Our goals were to regain our trust and hope, to connect with our baby soul and to believe having a baby is in our destiny. We feel like all of these goals were achieved. We’ve been trying to conceive naturally for over two years and sometimes the journey can feel long and dark, but your energy and hope truly ignited our positive belief again.


Chris, who can be quite sceptical, also really responded to you and enjoyed the day immensely. All day today he has been talking to our baby and we’ve been practicing the massage moves on each other and having great fun!


For me, I got a real sense that I’ve been focusing so much on the baby; I’ve neglected allowing in the actual pregnancy. I think this might be the missing key. Just letting go of the tension in my hips, yielding to pregnancy, allowing my body to change and allow in the baby soul.

All in all, it was a wonderful day and I really get a sense of our baby being close to us. I shall let you know when we get our 2 blue lines you will be one of the first to know! Thank you so much. What a gift to give us and we look forward to you being the doula at our birth!"


Hannah and Chris

Couples Soul Conception Day
One day £300 or Two days £500

Preparing for I.V.F, I.C.S.I, I.U.I


The stress of hospital clinic appointments scans and constant monitoring can be overwhelming. There are many emotions that go with it, fear of failure, anxiety, worry, grief, sadness of not being able to talk about it openly, stress and pressure of your relationship. You may also feel excited, optimistic and relief that things are finally moving forward. Please remember that all these emotions are absolutely normally. I can assist you to process these feelings, it is important to acknowledge them and give yourselves space to be heard.    


As a conscious soul conception doula, I can assist you both through each stage of your journey, especially at times when you may feel unsure. This may be your first treatment or you may have experienced many cycles, either way it's good to have a conception Doula as part of your experience to support and nourish you through your journey.  


Conscious Soul Conception Doula for Assisted Conception


As well as planning for the stages and steps involved in assisted conceptions, its vital to make time for relaxation and staying in connection with your future baby. Conscious soul connection helps you create the space to prepare the way for them to arrive.

Emotional wellbeing through this time is so precious. Did you know you can affect your egg and sperm quality up to three months before you begin treatment? The emotional quality of an egg and sperm matters as much as the physical.


Having dedicated emotional support through your assisted conception can really make a difference to the outcome of your treatment. A soul conception doula is there to help you take that leap of faith, to trust in yourselves and support you to surrender to every outcome.   


What’s included in your package:


Support through one cycle of assisted conception treatment

One day conscious soul conception retreat

One couples therapy session

One fertility massage

Unlimited access by telephone and email




Further one to one therapy sessions are available as part of your support package.

Conception after Baby Loss


Baby loss


I am always honoured to support couples with their conscious conception journey after baby loss.


Are you experiencing?

Overwhelm, fear, optimism, acceptance, sadness, scared, gratitude for having been pregnant, grief, feeling alone and lost, unsupported and unheard.


The loss of a child through miscarriage, stillbirth or early birth because of disability is a major life transition and sometimes one that goes unnoticed by many.


I feel it takes immense courage as a couple to step forward after such a life experience. I am here to support you to regain your strength, offer you a space to reflect, regather and a belief that you will one day grow birth and parent your future baby.


Sometimes there may also be occasions when you need a space to work through the emotions of acceptance that you won't be parents, I am here to assist you through this too.


“After losing our little boy at 21 weeks I went to see Jane. I had visited her before to have Bowen Therapy, but I really needed her help at what was the most difficult time of my life. Jane was there for me every step of the way. I had numerous sessions of Bowen to help my body and mind recover from the trauma it had experienced. Over time we decided to try again for another baby and Jane was the person we came to for help. I had fertility massage to ensure my womb was correctly in alignment and also Bowen technique regularly. Eventually we decided to try conscious conception. Jane taught me to connect to my future baby and let her know she was safe when she decided to come to us. Eventually we conceived our beautiful baby girl and again Jane was there every step of the way. I can safely say we wouldn't be where we am today without the help Jane. I now hold my beautiful baby girl in my arms, for which I am forever thankful” 

Siobhan and Billy  

“I had a great day Jane, thank you so much for giving me time and space to concentrate on me and my journey. The opportunity to relax and think about my connection to my womb. Also for the wonderful techniques like e.f.t, yoga and womb massage. You have really helped me look at the anxieties I have around conception and pregnancy and to start to do something to change those, in preparation for our future conception. Thank you so much for all your time and for listening to me”

Catherine went on to conceive and birth again after previous baby loss




Welcoming a child into your life through adoption can bring up so many emotions especially as the process can be long and sometimes have delays or uncertainty.  You may have already been on the journey of wanting a child for a while before arriving at this decision.


Supporting you as a couple with this process can mean that regardless of the time it takes to bring your baby or child home, that you have a space to uncover all your fears, vulnerabilities, to stay in connection with each other’s feelings and to clear the pathway to become parents.


Conscious soul connection helps support you to welcome your baby or child home.


“What I want to say is that truly, without you this wouldn't be happening. Without you, our life would be very different. I don't know if you really truly know the extent to which you helped us and without you then I know we'd not have our boy. 
We met you at a time I felt like giving up on my dreams of becoming a Mama, but you made me believe in myself again! You helped us in so many ways; personally, with the adoption process, when our boy was coming home and since he's been home ....just really, your help, love and guidance has been just life changing! 
I just wanted you to know what a huge part you played in also helping us realise our dream of being parents, for that we always have a heart full of love for you! You're amazing"    

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