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Couples' Birth Preparation


Preparing yourselves for birth can be the most precious gift that you can give to you and your baby. 


How would it feel to enter your birthing journey calm, relaxed and knowing that as birth partners, you have released your fears and anxieties?


In pregnancy it's really normal to have apprehensions and concerns about how you and your birth partner may feel.  A birth rehearsal workshop helps you to both feel confident, in control and having uncovered any "what if" situations.  A workshop assists you to work out what your real birth vision is and how you can begin to create and achieve it.

water birth
What is included in your birth workshop?
  • Uncovering fears and anxieties: giving you tools to help you overcome and work with them daily until you birth

  • Birth Partners: How to become the birth warrior and protect the birth space for your birthing woman

  • Techniques to support, nourish and nurture your partner, so she feels safe and can rest back into herself and birth your baby

  • How to become an advocate for your baby during pregnancy and birth

  • Looking at the physiology of birth; from both your perspective and your baby's

  • Massage for pregnancy and your birth room

  • Natural Remedies: for birth and post natal nurture

  • Baby Moon: your journey after birth

  • Birth Recovery: your new family


This workshop will begin to prepare you for the most amazing journey that you are about to take as people who are birthing into parents.


Each workshop is completely unique as we are always guided by what each couple is working with at that time. 


One to one workshop, £185 for 4 hours



I look forward to sharing this special time with you and assisting you in bringing your baby into the world


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