Doula Services Testimonials


First births


From Amy:

"When I first met Jane at the Polesworth Antenatal class she immediately made me feel at ease.  I had joined the antenatal classes late and had been offered a place as I was suffering from antenatal anxiety.  Jane's calming aura immediately made me relax and feel comfortable within the new group.  She always took time to answer questions and I felt able to ask her anything.  Jane’s knowledge and support allowed both me and my husband to develop confidence during my pregnancy and instead of feeling scared of the `unknown` we began to feel excited as our understanding grew.  Jane's friendly and supportive personality allowed us to feel safe and so we decided to place our trust in her by asking if she could support our hypnobirth. 


Jane was amazing throughout my labour; she was on hand to answer questions and talk through any of our concerns, but allowed us to decide when we wanted her to arrive.  This gave us time as a couple to work through the techniques we had learnt and to focus together.  When Jane arrived, she was a fantastic support to both me and my husband allowing us to hypnobirth uninterrupted.  She understood completely what we wanted and ensured we had everything we needed to achieve this. We felt we had her total support and concentration throughout.  Jane had a way of being there when we needed her ensuring I stayed focussed in my `birthing zone`, but would then take a step back to leave us to continue our birth experience alone as a couple.  Her calming influence and consistent supportive words of encouragement allowed me to hypnobirth safely with my husband confidently using the techniques Jane had taught us. 


I would not hesitate in recommending Jane to support any couples pregnancy and/or birth.  She is an inspiration and a wonderful person to have touched our lives.  Without her we would not have had an amazingly relaxed and enjoyable birth or a calm and contented baby." 


From Iain:

"I was first introduced to Jane at our antenatal class.  Little did I know at the time how Jane would play such an important role during one of the most significant times of our lives. 


During the classes she taught us about the pregnancy, labour, and for partners the techniques used to provide a supportive role including hypnobirthing – something which was new to us.  One of my fears of being a birth partner to my wife Amy, was seeing her in pain during labour and a feeling of complete helplessness.  After each class I felt much more confident with the knowledge I had gained and once all the classes had concluded my fear had been turned in to a self-assurance that I would be the ‘warrior’ of the birth room and provide the environment Amy needed to bring our son in to the world. 


Jane has an addictively calming nature, who always looks at the positives and brings out and quashes the negatives.  She always gave us the time to answer any questions, and made us feel comfortable to ask anything regardless of how small or embarrassed we may have felt. 


Amy also attended a Yoga class run by Jane.  I noticed a very positive change in Amy each week, a confidence of the labour and the ability to give birth as naturally as possible.  For all these reasons we chose Jane to be our doula, a decision we were very happy to have made.  During the labour, Jane provided a supportive role for both Amy and I.  She helped keep Amy calm throughout, and dealt with what would have been some stressful situations – turning the waiting room in to a relaxing environment when no other rooms were available to name one!  I also put my trust in her for the important decision of when to leave home to make our way to the hospital.  There were also times when I was not able to be there for Amy; whilst driving to the birthing centre, toilet stops, eating etc – Jane was there to seamlessly take my place to keep Amy in the ‘zone’. 


Using the hypnobirthing techniques Amy remained extremely focused throughout the labour, never tired, or complained about pain.  To my amazement and admiration she only took four Paracetamol and using the birthing pool our son, Toby, was born calmly and safely after 19 hours. 


We would highly recommend Jane to anyone who is considering using a doula, and hopefully our story would also persuade those who are not.  We are certain our experience would not have been as amazing without her. She will always be a special person in our lives and given the opportunity we would not hesitate in asking Jane again." 

Amy and Iain



"Before we met Jane, I had the expectation that birth would be something that just happened to me and that I wouldn’t have much control over what type of birth I had. 


However, Jane helped us realise that we had choices about our birth and how we wanted it to be – from sounds, to how it would feel, not just for mom but everyone within the birthing room.  I didn’t have to be lying on a bed, screaming as is the stereotypical image.  It could be calm, and my birthing partners could be actively involved in bringing our baby into the world.  My personal feelings changed from being very anxious at the thought of birth to a feeling of control and excitement.  We were given such awareness of so many choices we could make from during pregnancy to after our baby was born. 


I attended Jane’s yoga classes whilst expecting, which helped both me and my baby relax during a time that can be uncomfortable.  Also Jane gave me a pre-natal Bowen treatment to prepare my body for birth and two days later my labour began!


Due to the fact we had Jane, a doula, rather than just a midwife, me and my partner were able to birth the way we wanted to.  The lights were dimmed, soft calm music played and the environment was perfect for any newborn baby to enter.  Our beautiful daughter didn’t make a sound as she gracefully entered this world, delivered by her father!


Jane remained with us from start to finish and gave support and comfort to me and my birthing partners throughout, showing her full commitment as a doula.  Both myself and my partner firmly believe we would’ve had a totally different experience of birth without her.  Every expecting mother should be able to choose how they want their birth to be, and with Jane as a doula it is very possible!" 

Sophie and Connor 



"From the moment I saw the positive on the pregnancy test a stream of panic hit me.  Although we had been trying for a baby for nearly a year the reality of it all hit.  How was I ever going to give birth to my baby?  I didn’t always have the energy to get myself dressed some days let alone go through labour. 


Having suffered with Fibromyalgia and having chronic pain and fatigue for the last five years I could see no way of being able to bring my baby into the world yet the thought of  C section and the recovery of it was even more scary.  Was I stupid for wanting to have a family?  Feeling very scared and frightened at the options that faced me I knew that if anyone would be able to help me it would be Jane. 


Jane showed me that birthing doesn’t have to be about pain or wasting energy with screaming and pushing.  She showed me that birthing wasn’t to be feared and that I could do it even with my Fibromyalgia.  Feeling a little more confident we enlisted Jane as our Doula and started the HypnoBirthing classes.  I have to say that was the smartest thing we ever did along our birth journey. 


At first I have to say I was very sceptical about HypnoBirthing.  If it was so good then why isn’t every one doing it?  I thought it would be a little mumbo jumbo and that there was no way on earth my husband would entertain it. How wrong could I be?  After watching video after video of women giving birth so effortlessly and talking to a couple of mothers who had amazing Hypno births my husband was just as keen to learn as I was. 


The first lesson had us both hooked as we were given evidence of just how powerful the mind is and how it can control the body.  It wasn’t the mumbo jumbo I thought it would be.  If anything it was just common sense and we used a lot of the relaxation techniques in our everyday lives.  The techniques that we learnt have given both of us the power to relax which we were never able to do before.  It worked wonders on my Fibromyalgia and my husband’s stress from work.  I figured even if HypnoBirthing didn’t work for birthing it was an important life skill for both of us so we had nothing to lose. 


Jane made us feel so relaxed in her company and the lessons were always fun and enjoyable followed by total relaxation.  We always left feeling refreshed no matter how stressed we had walked in.  I never thought my husband would be sold on it but he loved it just as much as I did and looked forward to lessons.  I would say that the sessions really helped us develop as a couple, bringing us closer together and communicating in a much more personal way. 


Not only did Jane support us both throughout the pregnancy but upon being diagnosed with gestational diabetes Jane supported us and empowered us to gain the control back with our birth choices.  Using her contacts and wealth of knowledge she showed us ways of getting the information that we needed and who to contact as well as offering the emotional support that we both needed at the time.  Jane was our tower of strength when we most needed it. 


When I talk about ‘we’ Jane isn’t there just for the birthing mother.  The support that she offered my husband was invaluable.  It gave him the confidence to go from not being sure if he could stay in the same room as me to actually delivering our son into the world with the help of the midwife.  Knowing he had support allowed him to relax and enjoy the birth and it made the world of difference to his experience. 


The hospital I birthed at were very sceptical of Doula’s as they had bad experiences previously but Jane and the midwives worked very well together which allowed myself to melt away into my birthing body without a care in the world knowing everything was taken care of. 


Jane always knew what to do in the birth room and when either I or my husband needed something.  She is highly intuitive and gives the right support at the right time without intruding.  Her magic hands know just where and how to touch to soothe and calm and she showed my husband what to do so he could do the same for me.  Having Jane there to communicate with the outside and filter everything out meant that both myself and my husband could relax knowing everything was being taken care of.  From bringing extra bits in for me that I had forgotten to calling the midwife when needed, it let us concentrate on ourselves and I was never left alone.  


During my labour my son went back to back and the midwives were concerned that I would have to go for a C section or at least need assistance.  They were right that I did need some extra help but it came from Jane who used a technique to turn him using a bed sheet.  It was much kinder (and very relaxing) to both of us and allowed us to continue with our natural birth.  I wasn’t aware of how serious the situation was as I had instructed my husband and Jane to take care of things and just leave me to it so I could stay stress and worry free.  Jane kept my husband so calm that I had no idea what was going on and thought that Jane was just working her magic to help my son move down a little more.  If Jane hadn’t been there my birth story wouldn’t have been the wonderful amazing journey that I continued to have. 


My birth journey was wonderful and just like all of the other HypnoBirthing videos that we had watched previously.  It really did work even with a medical induction that should be more ‘painful’.  Unfortunately after the birth I had a retained placenta which meant I had to go to theatre.  It was a time in which was very scary especially for my husband who could not be there for me as he had to take care of our son.  Knowing Jane was with me made him feel more at ease as I wasn’t alone and I had someone with me knowing my son was being well taken care of.  During the procedure instead of being scared all I can remember is laughing and joking with Jane and feeling on top of the world with what I had just achieved.  She kept my mind away from the reality of what was going on so when I look back now at my birth all I see are happy positive memories which is how a birth story should be. 


Jane is a professional who has the ability to make every around her feel relaxed, calm and good about themselves.  Jane gave us the space we needed to be together as a couple whilst always being on hand when either one of us needed it.  Even after the birth Jane didn’t leave until we were settled, happy and had everything we needed which included a large bottle of Vimto!  I can honestly say that my birth was the most amazing experience ever thanks to Jane and her calming influences, wealth of knowledge and genuine awesomeness.  So much so we can’t wait to book Jane again when we have our next baby!  I would highly recommend Jane to anyone." 

Jo and Kevin 



"Having Jane as my doula was one of the best life choices I have made.  She held my birthing space just how I needed it to be held whilst also leaving my partner to do all the things he needed to do for me and our baby.  Jane's gentle presence and experience made me feel safe and confident to calmly connect with my contractions and birth anywhere I needed to. 


Every birthing woman can benefit from a doula, especially with all the unnecessary fear surrounding birth that is portrayed by society, media and medics these days."



2nd / 3rd Births


"Having you as our doula was without a doubt the best money we ever spent and the best thing we ever did. Not only did you help guide our baby girl into the water safely and peacefully, bringing an extraordinary aura of calm and love to our birth. You also helped me and my husband navigate our way through disagreements over home/hospital/midwife centre when planning for the birth, making us both feel heard and respected and helping us to progress. As someone who has experienced many births, you brought a wisdom and confidence that I didn't feel myself. (I do now!) 

Having you as our doula meant that rather than being a piece of paper to be ignored, my birth plan was deeply respected and supported, and came to pass in every detail.

I wish every woman and couple the same support. Babies don't need expensive buggies and nursery furniture. They need a calm, peaceful, loving journey into this world, and you helped us achieve that, when the consultant we saw would have had us choose surgery."

Zoe and Graham

"I had very positive birthing experience with Jane's support during my first pregnancy and labour so I had no doubt that I wanted her by my side during my second labour. Although I 'knew' from my previous experience what to expect during pregnancy and labour I was more anxious about the pain and 'what if' and had less time to prepare both mentally and physically due to my commitments regarding my first born infant. Jane has helped me to relax and focus and gather everything I knew. During the preparation she helped me to approach my second pregnancy from a different perspective, to explore my strengths that made me feel empowered and hugely supported. During my labour she stayed there with calm and confidence that helped me to stay focused during surges but also followed my lead when I wished to engage in conversation between contractions. She was there in the MLU to make sure my birth plan is followed and that everything is provided for a relaxed and quiet birth that I had. She has been great with my both sons and has helped me to learn more about my own motherhood. 

There are no words to say how grateful I am for all her support and help and that she had agreed to be my doula."


"When we found out we were expecting our second child, we knew we wanted to have Jane as our doula to accompany us through the pregnancy and birth (and beyond!) as our first experience of birth did not go as ideally as we would have liked.

We had attended a Couples Birth preparation workshop with Jane before our first sons birth and felt her calm presence, experience and wisdom would be an excellent addition to our birth team second time around.

Jane was always at the end of the phone to answer any questions and talk through any worries or concerns and this strengthened our bond before the birthing day. We felt listened to and supported throughout.

On the day of birth itself, Jane attended our home and brought an air of calm with her, boosting our confidence that we could handle anything that lay ahead.

When labour was well established and I needed a confidence boost, Jane knew exactly what to say to encourage me and how to remind me to let my body do its work.  Her constant smile and even use of humour helped to keep things upbeat as labour progressed. I don't know how but she knows when to stay silent and listen and when to use her words to spur you on.

I had printed affirmations and Jane put them at exactly the right spot on the hospital wall, so they were in my eye line when I needed them most.

After our son was born, he needed to be taken to neonatal to be checked over. Having Jane by my side meant that my husband could leave me to stay with our son and I had continued emotional support and a hand to hold while I recovered from the birth. This felt invaluable!

Postnatal, Jane gave my son and I a wonderful Bowen session (as she had done prenatally too) and ensured we both had processed our birth journey physically and emotionally.

I am so grateful that Jane was by our side when our son was born. We felt confident, calm and in control knowing she was there to support us at every stage. She comes highly recommended by us!"

Maria and Malcom

"We first met Jane in her capacity as a Bowen therapist and she was the obvious choice for our Doula for the home VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean) of our second child.  We needed someone with faith in birth, who understood our decisions, who would support us, and overall someone we liked and trusted.  Jane ticked all these boxes and more.  During my labour, she seemed to know just what I needed and when.  She exudes an aura of calmness that is quite contagious.  My partner and I felt very reassured by her presence, as did our toddler, who was totally unfazed by the whole experience and very happy to swap between playing with her daddy and playing with Jane, meaning there was always someone with me, and always someone with her. 

Jane’s quiet confidence helped me to stay relaxed throughout labour and I just knew that she and my partner would protect my birth space from anything intrusive, so I was able to focus entirely on my body and our baby.  Straight after the birth she remembered to get the camera out so our first minutes as a family of four and Anya’s first ever feed were captured which we will treasure forever.  She also stayed with us for some time after the midwives had left us making sure we had everything we needed and that we were all happy. 

I am so glad that we chose Jane as our Doula, she helped make it a fantastic experience for all of us and I couldn’t recommend her more.  If we have any more children in the future we will definitely be inviting her again."

Amy and Ben 

"The birth of my son was as far as possible from the Hypno, home birth I had planned.  So when I became pregnant this time, I was determined not to repeat the experience.  I wanted to give my body a second chance at birthing my baby with minimal intervention.  I attended pregnancy yoga / relaxation classes from as early as I could and re-engaged with my HypnoBirthing practise I had done for my son. 

I was in search of care capable of listening to me and responding to my needs. It was suggested that changing hospitals could help me find the support I required.

I was under consultant care and was to be monitored more closely with regular scans and meetings.  I was in search of care capable of listening to me and responding to my needs.  It was suggested that changing hospitals could help me find the support I required.  Unsure if transferring hospitals would be necessary, I attended my first meeting with the consultant wanting to get the most out if it, so I could understand and make appropriate choices.  After the second frustrating meeting, I requested a copy of my medical records from my previous birth and arranged further meetings with head midwives of the hospital I was attending and the alternative hospital suggested to me.  I needed to understand what had happened last time, why decisions were made then, and come to terms with what had happened.  I wanted to understand why they were making particular decisions about my pregnancy and the assumption that the birth of my second baby, was to be an elected c section.  These processes led me to transfer hospitals and decide I would need a doula. 

My search and choice of doula was a learning process in its self, not knowing what I could expect I looked at testimonials and web sites from a few local recommended doulas.  From communication with Jane, and her client’s testimonials, I learnt of her experience in working in both the home/family birth situations as well as the medical environment and appeared to provide a very bespoke service that responded to individual family’s needs.  She had additional skills, knowledge and understanding of: hypnobirthing, pregnancy yoga, supporting optimal birth positioning, the physiological impact of pregnancy and birth for mother, baby, father and family as a whole as well as the physiology of birth, medical procedures and their relevance hospital processes.  Jane’s doula package appeared generous, providing us with time with her as a couple and for my baby and me, on call service for the birth, then time after the birth to support recovery.  It felt capable of meeting whatever we might need as the pregnancy progressed, during and after the birth. 

We arranged to meet.  Following this, I wanted Jane Jennings to support me at the birth and through the rest of my pregnancy.  We learnt about her love and experience of homeopathy and Bowen therapy; that I found to be nothing short of miraculous.  After an initial treatment, the following morning all-general aches and pains were gone.  I felt more relaxed and confident in my ability to achieve my goal.  Just knowing Jane was on my side and available if I had any concerns was a real tonic.  I had further Bowen treatment the day I officially stopped work and again 4 days before I went into labour, along with a little rebozo, instruction on pressure points and an inversion technique to promote labour. 

I had my first contraction in the evening.  By 5 am in the morning I knew things were on the move.  I waited a little time before I texted Jane so I could shower and dress myself, and get my husband & two year old up and dressed.  Jane came to our home to accompany us to the birth centre.  When she arrived she was fantastic, providing the calm and grounded persona needed to get me out of the bathroom and us to the birth centre.  In the birthing room Jane was our advocate (as planned) freeing me up to focus on my birthing.  Jane’s support was affirming and empowering leaving me feeling more than capable of birthing my baby. 

Clara was born that morning in water into her father’s hands with no medical interventions or drugs.  We had the birth I had longed to happen.  Thanks to Jane’s intervention, strength of character, and her determination to enable us to achieve the birth we wanted, we arrived home at 5.30pm.  Our son was over joyed and gave Clara a big brother’s warm welcome.  I couldn’t have asked for more.  I can’t recommend Jane Jennings more highly as a doula and or therapist.  I most certainty would not birth again without her."

Jennie and Alan

"I first discovered Jane as a Bowen practitioner through a facebook group that was unrelated to Bowen and pregnancy/birthing.  At the time, I was around halfway through my second pregnancy and suffering (again) with SPD.  Osteopathy wasn't helping this time around and I was scared I'd be unable to be a mobile Mummy for my toddler in the later stages of pregnancy (not to mention the impact a lack of mobility would have on my plans for an active HWBAC). 

Jane met me at the gate to her home for my first Bowen session and I instantly felt calm and relaxed.  There's just *something* about her (and her home); a tranquillity.  We had a chat at the start of the session and a strong rapport built.  I trusted her; not only with me but with my unborn baby.  The Bowen had an instant impact on my pain level and mobility.  A session later, I'd asked Jane to be our doula.  I hadn't thought about having one before I met her but I knew I needed her with me. 

She was on hand throughout my pregnancy; I continued regular Bowen and she also did a birth preparation session with my husband and I.  She knew my birth aims as well as I did and if she disagreed with any of my choices, I wouldn't have guessed.  I was in latent labour for a good few weeks before baby was born and she was always happy to be with me.  There were a fair few stumbling blocks and surprises with NHS protocols relating to being 'high risk' and due to being on anti-depressants (from PND after my first baby was born) and Jane was wonderfully supportive and helpful throughout.  She practiced Bowen and used homeopathy and even utilised her contacts and connections to facilitate my birthing.  Most importantly, she filled me with calm and confidence at all times. 

After some shock news when the on call midwife arrived (we were sure I was in established labour) caused my body to regress, my temperature rocketed.  I was admitted to hospital while they administered antibiotics to try and bring my temperature down but nothing worked.  Jane worked tirelessly: massaging, reassuring, supporting, hair washing, removing stresses from my space, fighting our battles (of which there seemed to be so many). 

When it became quite clear that I was too unwell to birth naturally and I was starting to really worry about the impact of my high fever on my baby, we reluctantly asked for a Caesarean section.  Jane stayed with us; continuing to care for me, calming and comforting me.  The fever meant the section would be performed under general anaesthetic and, needless to say, I was unhappy and anxious.  Jane was an ocean of calm and stayed while I was in surgery, coming into recovery to check on me and baby Ieuan.  Only once she knew we were safe and well, did she go home to rest herself. 

Once we were home and settled, she visited to check on us, using Bowen (both of us) and homeopathy (me) to boost our health and recovery.  She's been back to visit since and we're in frequent contact.  She may no longer be my doula but she will always hold a special place in our family as a good friend and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone as a Bowen practitioner and Energy Field Healer and to anyone expecting a baby as a truly wonderful doula." 

Liz and Gareth

"In my first telephone contact with Jane, as part of making enquiries with several doulas, it was clear that she stood out as quite different.  Jane offered me a flexible package that suited my particular circumstances and had the skills I needed to work with me and help me turn my breech baby. 

Historically I had had two previous births, the first for an undetected extended breech baby  was an emergency c-section conducted after an 18 hour home birth and the second time was a planned c-section as I had another extended breech baby.  The first birth was extremely confusing, out of control and traumatic and recovery post operation took a very long time.  The second time the whole experience was thoroughly numbing. 

As this was to be my final birth I was determined to try and avoid a third c-section but felt I needed a doula to give me the courage to take this journey.  My motivation was firstly to be able to pick up the domestic care of my two older children and not go through the terrible recovery that a c-section involves and secondly to experience my own womanhood fully by giving birth naturally. 

In my first session with Jane she worked on me with Bowen technique and rebozo to turn the baby.  She showed me inversion exercises that I could do for assisting a head down position and maintaining that position.  Jane also gave me lots of information to help inspire and encourage me.  At my late 36 week scan the babies head down position was confirmed. 

At the second session my partner and I met with Jane to plan the birth.  Jane taught Ed and I how to apply acupressure and rebozo to assist in positioning the baby, alleviating late pregnancy discomfort and to begin a more gentle induction method than the hospital offered methods.  I went into labour naturally with Aerwyn 14 days overdue.  The waiting was tough and Jane really helped me through this time with phone calls and texts. 

The birth itself was incredibly special.  My waters broke at 1am on a Monday morning.  By the afternoon Ed and I were ready to have Jane join us at home as the birth was progressing and the waves were steadily getting closer together.  I enjoyed a walk around the lake behind our house and felt really alive, happy and aware.  As the rushes increased Jane was there to provide comfort and guidance.  Late Monday night she tenderly washed my hair and helped running warm water down my back to aid relaxation in the bath.  A lot of the time I was working with HypnoBirthing on headphones and Jane was able to use the count down technique with me when a very strong wave began.  As the night turned to day and my waves were slowing down at around 8cm dilation Jane helped to get the waves started again by encouraging me to walk, do inversions and change positions. 


When it was necessary to move to a hospital setting Jane was there again for me throughout a period in the water birthing room where we used the counting down from 40 to 0 to turn down the strength of the waves that were coming so fast and long then.  Throughout the birth I took 5 paracetemol as I felt so able to travel and relax through Jane's guidance, the experience was indeed strangely trance like and blissful.  I had no need to use the tens machine let alone anything stronger.  It was necessary to undergo a c-section on the advice of the consultant as despite being fully with the whole experience I did not progress beyond 8cm.  By this time all the mid-wives were so impressed with Jane's abilities and knowledge that the Senior Midwife allowed Jane to attend the operation along with Edward (normally only one person is allowed to attend due to lack of space in theatre).  Jane continued to work with me especially at the end of the operation when I was shivering.  Jane stayed with Ed and I until I was tucking into my first dinner at 5pm.  Throughout Jane had been giving me homeopathic remedies to help various needs I had along my journey and at the end she left me with a bottle of remedies to help me in healing.  I believe the Senior Midwife is now in contact with Jane to get her involved with work at the hospital and some training with the midwives there. 


My last session with Jane was a wonderful aid to my post-birth recovery.  Needless to say the recovery has been much better than the first awful time and the memories I have stored are priceless.  My beautiful daughter had an apgar rating of 9, was perfectly healthy and her heartbeat was steady and undistressed throughout the entire birth.  Thank you Jane for enabling me to do this. 


Looking back I personally am so glad I chose to go for a VBAC and thank Jane for giving me the strength to experience the whole thing in a very beautiful, calm and composed state.  Jane is very, very gifted.  Her presence is always calm and non imposing.  She skilfully shares her experience and healing techniques and yet is deeply respectful of your wishes, your decisions and your own personal journey with its unique requirements.  The massages and various homeopathic remedies were fabulous too.  Incredibly good value Ed and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone needing support in their own journeys."  

Ruth and Edward



"I adored my birth with Jane! I replayed it back in my mind for weeks.  It was my third birth and totally pain relief free from beginning to end!  My dream birth!  My first two I needed to be monitored constantly resulting in epidurals but thankfully I didn't need the ongoing monitoring this time thanks mostly to Jane! 

Throughout my pregnancy and birth, I loved Jane's unbelievably calm presence and caring nature.  She's incredibly gifted in the Bowen technique and various other hands on therapies which produced successful results every time.  She helped get my baby's head engaged which was vital as I had excess amniotic fluid, meaning the cord could fly out if the head wasn't acting as a plug, a definite call for constant monitoring.  A couple of days after Jane had 'worked' on me, my midwife checked me and my baby's head was engaged!  No need for constant monitoring.  However, my baby was also getting big so I needed it to come out soon so they didn't need to break my waters and constantly monitor me.  Jane instructed me on various homeopathic remedies to take, prepared my body with the Bowen technique and showed me acupressure points.  My waters broke that night! 

During the birth Jane excelled once again.  She gave me space when I needed it, massaged and supported me and gave me various homeopathic remedies.  She somehow moved the labour along with Bowen when I was sitting in the shower, she honestly has the golden touch! 

My most vivid memory is of when I was in transition.  I had this overwhelming need to cuddle Jane and be held and supported.  It was beautiful!  She worked amazingly with my midwife too especially when trying to get me on the bed during transition!  My baby popped out so quickly I was so relaxed.  Both of my previous labours were 15 hours!  I was in established labour for 4 hours only! 

Jane didn't end there, she helped me get washed, giving me a massage in the process whilst my husband was showing the baby to my other two kids.  I felt so supported and cared for throughout.  She stayed with me for hours after ensuring I was fully settled on very little sleep herself!  Post birth she gave me and my baby a wonderful Bowen massage.  Jane truly is amazingly gifted and I was so lucky to find her! Thank you so much!"