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Energy Field Healing


What is Energy Field Healing?  


This is one of the most advanced forms of energy healing there is.  Each of us is surrounded by a field of electromagnetic bio energy, also known as your aura.  The purpose of energy field healing is to filter and transform stagnant or blocked energy patterns found within your field, whether this be on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level. 


When we are in a good state of health, the field has flow balance and buoyancy that enables us to live in well-being.  Life experience, pain and trauma can cause the flow of energy to become imbalanced, which can make us feel fatigue, depressed, headaches, anxious, nervous and generally out of sorts.  The field has layers and can hold on to past events, mental patternings or behaviour that eventually reflect in the physical body. 


A treatment of energy field healing can restore the field to its natural state of vibrancy. During a session you remain fully clothed whilst the therapist works around the body using a series of hand movements to clear and repair your field allowing the natural flow and balance to be restored and realigned. Results can be felt almost immediately with the most frequent felt sensation being a sense of lightness and tranquillity.

Energy Field Healing
How can it help for post birth recovery?


As a woman you can give everything of yourself to the birthing experience, body mind and spirit and sometimes this can truly exhaust every resource you have.  Energy Field Healing assists you to regather your energy and release any non serving emotions that may be hindering you from bonding with your baby; repairing physically and finding that place of peace within yourself.  It’s especially good after any interventions, post operation (such as caesarean section) and emotional trauma. 


Your baby is attached to our energy field, until they are two years old and as just as they were linked via the umbilical cord, so are they still linked via your energy field.  Depending on theirs and your birth experience, sometimes there can be emotions and feelings that you or they need to process. 


Energy Field Healing can assist you with those experiences, to enable you and baby to begin the journey feeling calmer and more relaxed.  


Costs £75 for a one and a half hour session. 


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