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Fertility and Digestive Massage


A unique and wonderful treatment that can assist your womb to find her physical and emotional wellbeing.


Massage is one of the most ancient systems of healing the body and has been used by women to assist their bodies back to balance since the beginning of time.  Allowing yourself to deeply connect into your divine femine power, offers you a chance to listen to what your body needs and restore your strength.


Your womb may be a forgotten part of your body, until the time she isn’t working together with you.  As a woman you may have stored a lot of your life experiences in our womb and as these accumulate or become suppressed, it can create imbalance.


Fertility and Digestive Massage shows you how to rebalance and nurture your inner connection with the most amazing part of your body.




Fertility and Digestive Abdominal Massage
The Pelvic Girdle
Female Reproductive Tract

With Fertility and Digestive Massage, I use a synergy of techniques such as massage, pulsing, rebozo, healing, guided visualisation and release pressure points.  I feel that it’s really important that you continue the work once you get home, so I also teach you a self help technique, that you can practice yourself or with a partner.


The delicate balance of your uterus relies on good pelvic and spinal health.  The two diagrams show a balanced healthy pelvis from outside and within.


If you have ever had any injury, accident or invasive surgery to the pelvis, this can change the structural integrity.  Rebalancing with massage can assist the pelvis and uterus to restore to its natural alignment and health.


Fertility and Digestive Massage can help to:


  • Rebalance and restore your pelvic imbalance


  • Realign the position of your uterus


  • Assist fresh blood supply to your uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes


  • Aid in releasing toxins


  • Strengthen and nourish the digestive system


  • Release trauma and emotional issues


  • Previous birth issues


  • Connect you to your womb and possible future babies


Fertility and Digestive Massage can support you with all fertility treatments and birth experiences, for example:


  • IVF

  • Clomid challenge

  • IUI

  • Repeat miscarriage and terminations

  • Traumatic birth recovery

  • PCOS

  • Caesarean section birth resolution


Examples of digestive symptoms that can be assisted are:


  • IBS and bloating

  • Crohn's disease

  • Constipation

Treatment costs:
First session 3 hours - £150 
Follow up sessions £120


If you are experiencing any symptoms within your pelvic area or uterus that you would like help with, please do get in touch.

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