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Soul Conception Doula Training

Our spark of life originates from the highest universal source. Cell by cell, thought by thought, a human being is created and formed. Would you like to contribute to the rising of consciousness for humanity and affect change right from the very beginning of life? This is where we start.

Imagine how the conscious preparation by couples, could support the future of every babies physical and emotional well being, know and feel, they are truly welcomed into their families, as they arrive. 


Rich cultural traditions have always supported and prepared couples to connect to each other and their future baby through prayer, dedications, rites, ceremonies and healing. Have we have forgotten about the sacred nature of inviting a soul to join our lives and what message this is giving to them? 


If couples were to explore and heal their own or previous birth challenges, find peace with their fears, explore their relationship dynamics, heal their womb wounds and loss before conceiving and inviting a soul into their life, how different our would world be. 


Why do we need Soul Conception Doula's? 

Today one in five couples in the UK are experiencing fertility issues. So many couples are now feeling even more disconnected from the process of conception and are entering this phase in total depletion.

We know that the vital energy that we have in our body, mind and soul at the time of conception is the essence, of what we are passing on to the growing cells of a baby’s body. 

We also now understand through epigenetic science, that we can make a huge difference to our inherited genes by the way we think, feel, what we eat, quality of our rest and sleep, environmental factors and most of all LOVE.

How would it feel as a practitioner to journey with a couple, to extend the nurture, nourishment and guidance to them and their potential waiting baby?

What is your role as a Soul Conception Doula?

You may already be doing a huge amount of supporting and nurturing a couple’s physical and emotional well being, with fertility massage, nutrition advice, acupuncture or fertility yoga.  It may mostly be women who come to your practice. This course will show you how encourage more couples to come together, in their soul conception journey.  


Assisting them to find a work/ life balance, support them to look at their relationship, help them discover the unseen obstacles in their lives and to build a dedicated practice to welcome their baby to them. When a couple feel safe and nurtured by each other, so does their baby waiting to be conceived. Your role is to bring back the sacred, to the most amazing experience of life.

However you decide to integrate this special training, this course will enrich your practice. 

Course Details 

  • What is the role of a Global Soul Conception Doula. 

  • Exploring soul consciousness. 

  • The first 8 weeks of the growing embryo 

  • The journey of a spirit baby to embody. 

  • The heart, womb, earth connection. 

  • Feel into your own conception journey. 

  • Spiritual and emotional journey of the egg and sperm. 

  • Emotionally supporting couples with miscarriage and failed assisted conceptions. 

  • Conceiving after baby loss. 

  • The wider family field dynamics and how this affects conception. 

  • The rise of the divine feminine within the feminine and masculine. 

  • Explore your own female lineage of conception. 

  • Preparing a couple to conceive. 

  • Energy of Conception. 

  • The role of our new earth and conception. 

  • How to offer couples workshops, sessions and retreats. 

  • 5th dimensional alignment and your energy body 

  • The enhanced children arriving. 

  • Adoption support

  • Setting up a global soul conception doula practice. 

This training takes places over 8 days split into two modules:

27th-28th April 

6th-9th July


There will also be two group mentoring Skype sessions in between to support your journey. 


Our venue for this training is in North Warwickshire B46, which has good links to all motorways and 10 minutes from Birmingham Airport and Birmingham International train station. 


Course timings are 11-6pm each day 


Your investment £720 which can be paid in easy monthly instalments


If you would like to discuss if this course is for you, I do offer a free clarity call to support you. 


Every conscious journey to awakening we make, raises the vibration of support for every baby, momma, father, siblings, family, community and the whole of humanity. 


We are evolving and it starts with how we are assisting our children to be conceived, grown and birthed into our world. Lead the way forward and become a Soul Conception Doula.

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