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HypnoBirthing provides you with the tools you need to begin to trust your body, remain calm and in control throughout your pregnancy and birth experience, no matter what turn your birthing takes. 


This wonderful technique can assist you to begin to work through the fears or issues, related to pregnancy and birthing, whether its for the first time or previous birthing experiences. 


This is a complete antenatal programme that teaches simple, specific self hypnosis, relaxation and breathing techniques.


HypnoBirthing allows you to find a different perspective about birthing and acknowledges you as the person that knows her body and baby, better than anyone else.  Action follows thought, so when your mind feels positive, your body responds in a positive way. 

HypnoBirthing couple, mother, father
Fear, Tension and Pain




Adrenaline is




Muscles in your

body and uterus


Less blood flow and oxygen to uterus and baby

Your and baby's heart rate increases


You feel pain and this slows labour

Fear /anxiety /stress felt by mum and baby;

increased possiblility of intervention

HypnoBirthing and Birth Partners


HypnoBirthing gives your birth partner a role to play throughout your whole pregnancy and within the birth room.


During the course I will show your birth partner: how to become an advocate for you and baby; how supporting you in a positive way can make a huge difference to your birth experience; how to become a guardian of the birth room; how to massage you throughout your rest of your pregnancy; and how to create and maintain a positive birthing vision.


Your birth partner has such an important role to play in your pregnancy /birthing journey and hypnobirthing provides them with all the tools they need to be truely part of this amazing experience.  Most couples report themselves “coming together in their pregnancy and birth experience” after completing the HypnoBirthing course.


Hypnobirth and Babies


Your baby will feel the deep relaxation inside your womb whilst you regularly practised the self hypnosis and breathing techniques.


This offers you both the wonderful opportunity to deeply connect and bond, even before your baby is in your arms.  As your baby grows week by week, it will be embraced in an environment filled with relaxation and calm.  Combined with an opportunity to experience a gentle calm birth, HypnoBirthing really gives babies the most amazing start to their lives.



The Love Hormone: assists your uterus to surge

Relaxation and light touch massage create Endorphins

Endorphins = nature's pain relief + conscious breathing

Relaxed womb + calm mama = more gentle birth for baby

A more nourishing bonding and breast feeding experience and easier birth recovery

Oxytocin and Endorphins

A complete course of hypnobirthing is five sessions and each session lasts two and half hours.


I offer group and one to one sessions:


The cost of a group course (a maximum of four couples) is £250.


If you would like a one to one course to allow work on your unique and individual needs as a couple, this cost is £320.


Dates can also be arranged around your schedule and weekends are also available.

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