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Pregnancy Massage


As your baby grows within you, every day there are changes taking place within your body.  Sometimes this may create physical aches / discomforts and other times you may feel emotional.  There are constant demands on the mind and body.  Massage can help to soothe and promote relaxation and release the discomfort in your body. 


As you approach your birth, if your mind is calm, your body will begin to open and soften the way nature intended. Massage can be wonderful in those last months of pregnancy, to help you find your inner strength and guidance that will enable you and your baby to prepare for a wonderful birth, no matter what turn your birthing takes. 

Pregnancy Massage

Benefits of massage in pregnancy are:


  • Reducing headaches and nasal congestion


  • Helps your respiratory system, assisting you to breathe easier  


  • Supporting your body and baby for birth


  • Improve circulation relieving cramps and muscle spasms


  • Constipation relief


  • Release lower back pain


  • Assist with Sciatica


  • Relieves swollen legs and feet


  • Aids sleep and insomnia


  • Promotes relaxation so reducing anxiety/ fear


  • Helps you connect to your growing baby and focus on your birth and motherhood journey


Massage treatments are one and half hours and cost £55


All massages are tailored to how you are feeling on that day and appropriate for your stage in pregnancy.

Pregnancy Massage
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