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Pregnancy Yoga and

Birth Preparation


Each class starts with a look at how you are feeling today, as each woman brings to class the wisdom of her week and the changes that have taken place for her and her growing baby.  We are always constantly learning from each other and so by sharing your experience of pregnancy, you will be helping others grow and understand where they are too.  You are more than welcome to attend from 14 weeks onwards and so there are always women at different stages of their pregnancy up to 42 weeks. 


Once you have settled into your space we then begin to bring our attention into our breath.  Observing and using the breath, can calm and relax you and baby especially after a busy day.  It brings you back into your body, instead of just being in your thinking mind. 


We then move on to some gentle yoga stretch.  Creating more space in your ever changing body can help with those little niggles and aches you may feel.  So many pregnant ladies may find themselves either on their feet all day or stuck behind a desk with limited breaks.  Stretching can really bring your body back to balance.  Stretching can help you to achieve a more active birth, find the optimal position for baby and bring in more life giving to the body. 


Class ends with a guided relaxation which assists you to completely unwind and prepare for a good night’s rest. Deeply connecting to your baby at this time allows you to make a focused dedication of what you would like to offer to you both for the next coming week. It brings awareness to where you want to make those subtle changes that will benefit you and your baby. 



Pregnancy Yoga and Birth Preparation
Benefits to mama and baby


  • Good Posture and Balance – less physical stress on mama's body, as her body changes and baby grows.  Good posture also allows baby more space in the womb and helps them find the right position for birth.


  • Relaxation and body awareness can help find an inner calm every day. 


  • Strengthens spine and pelvis - when the body feels strong, it encourages active birth. 


  • Creates more space for the baby to move and grow. 


  • Time to connect to your body and your baby – if you have a busy world and no time to stop and talk to your baby, especially if have other children, this class creates the space for you.


  • Breathe awareness calms your mind, lower blood pressure and connects to the now moment

  • Improves flexibility and mobility.


  • Promotes a positive mental attitude, to help manage anxiety and fear.



Other techniques covered in class: massage; natural remedies; aromatherapy; homeopathy; pelvic floor exercises; and much more.

Classes are on a Tuesday evening from 6.30 - 8.30pm in Coleshill – space is limited, so please call to book.


Cost £10 per session or book a set of 6 classes for £55

Yoga - Prepare your body for birth and parenting
Breathing - To help you find that inner relaxation
Active Birth - Postures to support you in birth
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