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What is Bowen Technique?


Quite simply one of the most advanced and effective treatments, that is revolutionising health care.  Bowen is suitable for adults and children including pregnant women and newborn babies.  The most significant aspect of Bowen is how effective it is and how quickly it has the capability to bring the body back to balance. 


A Bowen treatment affects the body on all levels promoting healing, pain relief and recovery of energy.  The practitioner uses a series of light gentle rolling moves over muscle, ligament and tendon.  This movement disturbs the soft tissue, bio energetics and nervous system within the body.  A session of Bowen not only looks at the presenting condition, but due to its ability to go to cellular level, it looks at the body as a whole and so may even clear up conditions that you have had for a while.  During a treatment there are a series of short breaks to allow the body a chance to make the subtle and fine adjustments, which help rebalance, relieve tension and reduce pain.  Most of the work can be performed through light clothing and at the beginning of treatment sessions are administered weekly.  Four or five sessions are sometimes sufficient to achieve pain relief, although long standing issues may take longer to achieve this. 


You don't need to have a physical condition to benefit from Bowen; some people have regular therapy sessions as a means of stress management and health maintenance.  When receiving Bowen we activate the central nervous system and so the most frequently felt sensation is deep relaxation, allowing the mind to be calm and peaceful and letting the body do the work of realigning on a muscular and skeletal level.  Each treatment is completely unique and tailored to your individual needs on that day. 







Bowen Technique and Your Pregnancy

Bowen Technique for Birth Preparation


How Bowen Technique can help you through your pregnancy and assist you in Birth


Are you experiencing any of these physical and emotional conditions?


Back pain/ache; sciatica; fatigue; achy legs; headaches; anxiety; neck and shoulder tension; carpel tunnel; swollen ankles; constipation; fear of birth; breathlessness; depression; sleeplessness; Pelvic Girdle Disorder; sacrum pain; overdue baby; to name but a few. 


As your centre of gravity changes during pregnancy, so do the stresses on the spine.  Added to this are the hormonal changes that are stretching and make your pelvis more supple for birth.  This seems to be when backache intensifies and appears to be more frequent.  Bowen can assist all the way until labour begins; I have even used Bowen during labour with my doula clients to relieve pressure and discomfort. 


Birth Preparation


As you prepare to bring your baby into the world, you may be feeling a variety of emotions; Bowen helps calm and nurture your body, giving you the chance to really release and relax.  As your muscles and ligaments feel more comfortable around your pelvis, you will be able to soften and open into your birth experience.  I have also used Bowen as a natural method of induction assistance after 40 weeks to energise the pelvis and create optimal foetal positioning, allowing space for your baby.  Having a relaxed balanced pelvis and spine; and baby in a good position, can help you to have a more active birth, less discomfort and a smoother delivery.  This can assist your baby to come into the world with ease.  This treatment can also assist for fertility, post birth recovery and baby please look at the dedicated pages.


Preparing your body through pregnancy and for birth with Bowen, can be the greatest gift you give to you and your baby. 


Treatment Sessions are:
First session 3 hours £150 
Follow up sessions £120 



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