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The Global Doula Training Academy

Global Birth Doula

Global Post Natal Doula

Advanced Global Doula Training (for existing doulas)

Global Soul Conception Doula

As our earth evolves, we need Doula’s and Birth Keeper’s who are ready to rise in their own conscious awareness, as well as being of dedicated serve our families, soul babies arriving and our beautiful earth. 

With every conscious conception and pregnancy, we have huge potential to assist our children to grow into emotional well-being right from the start, to build bodies of a higher vibrational resonance and to come into their soul alignments with ease. Every gentle birth has to opportunity to change the imprints of generations that have gone before and heal the lineages of our ancestors and the divine feminine within ourselves. We are the change that humanity is calling for and that our earth is needing right now.


Within each of us there lies the potential blueprint of health for humanity consciousness. When we feel into the foundational resonance of being safe, feeling heard, how we are welcomed and seen, we can access the wisdom of our lives that can sit below the surface of knowing and this is only the beginning.


Is your heart whispering that this is your calling? 


We as Global Doula’s can embody this change and begin to share this experience with every couple wanting to conceive, grow and birth their families, in a field of compassionate love. 


Our enhanced training is a combination of practice and connection, giving you an opportunity to access your own innate knowledge and wisdom. We firstly explore your own experiences of conception, pregnancy and birth, this is essential before we move into working with others. For in your body you hold the patterns of this relationship to these life changing events. You will be trained in advanced energy awareness techniques, as well as grounded in practical skills and knowledge. 


The Global Doula Training Academy can support you to become a soul conception doula, pregnancy and birth and post natal doula. 


We welcome you and feel deeply honoured to journey with you.

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